i wore red lipstick to the grocery store last Monday
to buy a carton off eggs and so when the cashier told
me that my eyes reminded him of the ocean, i asked
if he’s ever drowned in his own sadness, he said my
total was $1.89 and that he didn’t know what i meant,
i payed in quarters and told him i was an Art major,
i told him my boyfriend was a musician and we were
saving up for an apartment in the city and how i’d
use the walls as canvases and how he’d play his
piano on Sunday mornings when the rain tasted like
salt, and i told him that i had my first art opening in
three weeks and he should stop by and i’d introduce
him to this friend i had named Lolita who was really
good in bed, he thought i was insane and i wonder
if he knew how many times i’ve cried in the shower
with my make up smeared and my eyes swollen shut,
he said “yeah, yeah, sounds good, have a nice day”
and i wonder if he’ll ever know i wanted to really be
a poet and that’s why when some man in the parking
lot asked if i had a lighter, i dropped my eggs while
stumbling to find one, and cried on the way home

confessions from my alcoholic mother (via oprosti)

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today in french we learned how to say “what’s in the bag” and i couldn’t stop laughing because

swaggity swag qu’est-ce qui dans le sac

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i continuously pour all of my love into other people and they suck me dry and leave